Pacific  Classic Dining Table
Pacific Extension table in Cherry with Inlay

Pacific Classic Dining Table

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Our Classic Pacific Table is the most versatile and roomy allowing many size/feature combinations. A 50" is the shortest table which can be made to extend out with three leaves, but down to 40" can be made to extend out with two leaves. More importantly each person needs 24" of space in width, both on the table and importantly between the legs. 

The optimal seating sizes on the length drop down are the smallest comfortable size for that many people. This gives you a feel for how tight or roomy seating is between those sizes.

If you choose leaves the you may choose an internal storage tray. The leaf aprons will be made to fold for storage in the tray. The tray holds a maximum of two leaves. 

Self store leaves require slightly larger aprons which start at 4-1/2" wide (arcing up to 4" in the center), while a non self store table has smaller aprons which start at 4" wide and  and arc up to 2-3/4" in the center, a more graceful look. Self store leaves have folding aprons so they will store in the limited space of the internal tray, externally stored leaves have 2-3/4" fixed aprons which are easier to handle.

One of the more effective methods to customize a table design are the edge details. Our standard and most popular is square edge, but we offer a wide range of more sophisticated profiles.
Each made individually, our tables are designed to aesthetically compliment our dining chairs and match their craftsmanship and beauty. Customization with different sizes, leg and edge styles, our tables can be made to fit any dining room. Our natural resin finish of two part Urethane provides beauty and is impervious to any amount of hot or cold liquid, as well as being resistant to scratches and unaffected by common chemicals such as alcohol or cleansers. We do not stain our woods (unless requested), allowing their natural beauty and color to shine through. Contact us for a shipping quote. to your zip code.

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