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The handiest feature of a stool at a desk is pushing it under the desk entirely out of the way. The weight (9 lbs) is easier to drag around also.

Gently arced legs extend through the seat and are wedged with contrasting tenons, providing a solid foundation for the deep scooped wood seat. All barstools taller than 21" (counter height and above) have stretchers for additional strength. Toss it off the roof of your house (take my word for it) and the structural members mat shatter but the joints stay intact.

My deep scooped wood seat causes you to sit differently than on the standard flat wood barstool seat which creates pressure on our sit bones, a prime cause of back trouble. On a flat surface we need to slouch to lessen the pressure on those bones, yet slouching on a scooped seat causes sliding forward. The scooped seat encourages and reminds us to use an erect sitting posture.

The wood of the wedges are also an option. The default is walnut, you may have other ideas. 

We measure our barstool seat heights to the top edge of the side of the seat.  Measuring to the rounded front edge or attempting to calculate the scoop can confuse us all, so I use the most explicit point.

We offer our Barstools and Barchairs up to 36" height, in 1" increments. Barstool/Barchair height should be 10-11" less than the top of the counter, in other words a 26" Barstool works well with a 36" counter. Measuring the actual counter is the safest way to proceed because of the wide variations.  Make note of the barstools around you and measure what feels comfortable. many people like to lean their elbows onto the counter or lay out reading material closer in which case consider the 10" range.

If you are unsure please contact us and we are happy to help.

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