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Craftsman Round Table
Cherry 48"

Craftsman Round Table

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It took awhile before I could say something about this table which conveyed its true spirit. Again, not one of our designs, but a melding of several motifs from the Arts and Crafts era.
Typically a solid top but we do have years of using raw veneers in restoration and commercial jobs. 

If ordered as an extension table, the base remains as one component and the leaves open by cantilevering over it. This limits the possible number of leaves because of stability. In the case of two leaves we make small removable legs to support the long ends if so needed. This configuration provides the easiest extension to manage. Leaves will not store inside the table on this design. Too much stuff going on under there.

Extension tables will have a round skirt to conceal the slides. I will post photos when they are available.

We don't make as many of these as I think we should, but that is a result of what is ordered. I like round tables, what can be done with them and to them. They are ideal for smaller spaces.

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