48" Cherry bench
48" Cherry bench

Cove Bench- Scooped Wood Seat 24"-60"

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First developed in 2016, this is one of my favorite designs. Why is it so much more than our other benches? Look at the deep, deep scoop. Lots of wood makes a Cove seat. Look at the shaping. Lots of skilled time there. The deep scooped seat has enough lip at the back to cradle you securely. The lip at the back is not enough to serve as a useful back support, but enough to tell you where you are and keep you there. Seat height is identical to a dining chair at 18". Overall depth is standard at 17" or 20" width can be ordered, although 17" width suits most people and looks the best.

-20" Minimum length per person
-24" length should be used as a basic comfort guideline

A variety of lengths is available in the drop-down options above. If using as a dining bench first consider the distance between dining table legs, then assume each person will want  24" or more. People can fit into less than 24" per person if they must.

Remember to measure between the legs of your dining table, and allow for a minimum of 1" on each side of the bench for an easy fit.

While a bench with a back is always more comfortable in the longer run, a backless bench is unmatched for storage options and minimal appearance. If sized to fit between the legs of your dining table it slides under out of sight and out of mind, until you need it. And the Cove Bench is unique with its' scooped seat which is good for hours at the table.  Personally I like the tactile contours and personal topography at my fingertips.

Choosing the wood/length drop down options will generate the price for that wood/size. Below is the pricing in grid format for easy lookup:
Fig Maple671771821846871896921946971104611211171
White Oak606739789814839864889914939101410891139

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