As we clean and consolidate our style lines some items will get renamed. A cue will appear next to each style until the updates are completed.
This page is getting a lot of work so sometimes the links go nowhere.

Beds have not been categorized by style, go to our Bed Page. Beds may be styled by the legs option on each beds page.
Some items span several categories and show multiple times. Anything may be made in a different style, just ask.

Brendan (Just a rocking chair) 

Lizzie  (Mid Century Modern)  

Pacific (Classic)                

Kyoto  (Akura)      

Shinto   (a bit more serious than Kyoto)   

Prairie    (Mission, Craftsman)    

Ostara  (Bow, Vestlund, less disciplined)    

Metal Base/ Live Edge  (Gilman, Slabs)