Close to turning this catalog live- it does not take orders at this time.

"Buying our furniture is a relationship, not just a transaction-"

Our on-line  catalog is here 24 hours a day, seven days a week and once you place your order it is in the hands of a real person. Your "squire" (better word?)  will contact you to discuss the wide range of options (such as seat coverings and shipping) and help you make your selections. While this online catalog is a great foundation for the browsing and ordering process it is not practical or desirable to make ordering our  "hands on" furniture "totally hands off"! 

I am currently working on a method to allow you to make a deposit online for your order and not simply pay for the entire order. We do not ask for 100% up front and our deposits are 100% REFUNDABLE right up until we send notice that we are starting your furniture in the shop.

Suggestions? Please send them on!